Book Review Of “A Very Menage Christmas” by Jennifer Kacey

averymenagechristmas“A Very Menage Christmas” by Jennifer Kacey



Skyler Weston comes from a wealthy family who are a very well known, and they expect Skyler to behave herself in and out of the bedroom. Skyler’s parents want her to associate with successful gentlemen that only her parents approve of.

Skyler is over with the men her parents set her up with. The last guy that Skyler went out with cheated on her, and flipped his lid when she told him that she wanted to try some kinky stuff in the bedroom. One night Skyler decides to try and spice up and possibly save her relationship with her boyfriend. Skyler puts on a sexy trench coat, high heels and little much else. Skyler’s boyfriend wants no part of this fantasy of hers and basically says he is done with her right then and there. Skyler makes her mind up that she is done with all men, that is, until one of the neighbors opens his apartment door to check on what is going on out there and standing like a god with his long blond hair, and bare chest is everything Skyler could dream of.

Skyler must decide if she should act on her sexual urges and jump this gorgeous man, since he is beckoning her to for a romp in his bed, or just walk way. Let’s just say Skyler is in for one hell of a ride that she won’t soon will never forget!

Christmas is fast approaching and Skyler can not seem to get Jackson, the hunky man who opened his apartment door the night she broke up with her ex-boyfriend. Skyler starts to wonder if she made a mistake going to bed with a stranger. Out of the blue her good friend calls her to the BDSM club that Skyler use to work at, and help her friend setup a Christmas BDSM fantasy for one lucky submissive. Skyler has no idea that this Christmas fantasy is going to be the best Christmas that she ever has. It’s going to include domination, spanking, whips, and two gorgeous men who will give her the time of her life. Is Skyler ready to live out the fantasy she has always wanted, or will she chicken out go back to being the good little girl her parents want her to be?

Whips, Spanking, candy canes and two gorgeous Doms will make the perfect sexy Christmas read by Jennifer Kacey. “A Very Menage Christmas” is the perfect ready to enjoy on a snowy evening.

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