Book Review of “A Witch’s Skill” by Ashley Shayne


“A Witch’s Skill” by Ashley Shayne


Cassandra does magic for your typical middle class customers, mostly women who want to find out about their love lives and careers. Cassandra has always told the truth to her clientele and has always stayed true to her roots.

One day, out of no where, two men walk into her store and immediately Cassandra senses evil from both of them. These men ask Cassandra if she would be willing to perform a spell on a friend of theirs that would get the truth out, because he is hiding very important information they need. Cassandra agrees to do the spell since she needs the money, but doing this spell could ultimately be much more then Cassandra agreed to.

Cassandra has no idea that she has agreed to do a spell on a vampire who means no harm to anyone. This vampire was kidnapped by evil humans who are holding and torturing him in attempt to have him turn them into vampires. Cassandra knows that if these humans become vampires they will make anyone they come in contact with have a very bad day. Cassandra decides to cast a spell that will have her talk to this vampire without his captors hearing what they are talking about. Cassandra finds out some very horrific news and saves this vampire, but not without a cost that will put Cassandras life in danger.

Acayo has gotten himself kidnapped by some very evil humans who want him to turn them into vampires, and Acayo needs to escape before they kill him. Acayo has no idea how he is going to escape until a beautiful witch decides to risk her life to help him escape. Acayo owes her his life, and not mention, show this little witch what a vampire is really like in bed. This little witch is going to have the best sex of her life that will include being dominated by a gorgeous vampire who will seduce her free of all her inhibitions.

Cassandra has been denying herself the one desire that she wants in a man, someone who can control her and take all of her worries away. Acayo is just what she needs more then ever. Will Acayo give Cassandra what she needs in and out of the bedroom? Can Cassandra trust this vampire to protect her, and not hurt her. To show her what a real dominated partner is and bring out that submissive that Cassandra craves so much. Find out if Acayo will give Cassandra what she wants in “A Witch’s Skill” by Ashley Shayne


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