Book Review of “At His Countess Pleasure” by Olivia Waite

at-his-countess-pleasureAnne Pym’s family name was shattered the day her cousin married Simon Rushmore’s brother.  Anne will do anything to save her families name, and decides to approach Simon Rushmore with the idea that he marry her and make her his Countess. This should save her family’s shattered reputation. Anne knows that Simon is well liked, has money and has a good name. Anne also knows that she can give him a heir to continue the Rushmore name.

Anne is a strong willed women, she is independent and has a very strong sexual appetite.  She likes to be in control. The only problem is that she is finding it hard to submit to her husband. Her husband  sees that and immediately starts to let Anne take control in the bedroom. Before he knows it, his sexy Countess becomes quite the mistress. Anne loves being able to control Simon with her sexual appeal and seduction. Simon too also decides to heat things up by bringing a sex toy into the bedroom and lets his commanding countess decide what she would like to do with the toy.

Anne and Simon may have made an arrangement to marry in hopes of  saving her families reputation, but what they did was save each other. Anne will learn a lot from herself, like how to be a strong willed women in upper society and not care what others think. Anne will also learn that pleasuring her husband and being in control is a very powerful thing for her.

Secrets, Scandal and Sexual Desires are just a bit of what you will read in “At His Countess Pleasure” by Olivia Waite. This book has very steamy sex scenes and wonderful romance story to go along with it.


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