Book Review Of “At His Service” By Suzanne Rock

suzannerock“At His Service” By Suzanne Rock

Karin Norell has been burned by her ex-boyfriend. All she wants to do now is focus on her career in the hotel industry. At work at a prestigious hotel called “The Palazzo,” Karin is ALL about work, not men.

Karin is asked to clean up the Penthouse suite as one of the big owners that the staff calls the General is scheduled to arrive that evening. Karin has heard rumors that he has no compassion and is all about business unlike brothers.

Karin  is almost finished cleaning up the Penthouse suite with her co-worker Wes. Just as they are about to leave, Wes forgets his cell phone and asks Karin to go back and grab it. Just as she is about to grab the phone and run, in walks Leo Perconti “The General.” Karin is now trapped and must hide in hopes that Leo does not catch her. She must escape without being caught!

Karin is going to be seduced by the gorgeous Italian Leo Perconti, and learning that submitting to a man is not all that bad when you find the right man. Karin is worried that Leo might be like her ex-boyfriend and that he just using her for a fling. Will Karin let sex and passion interfere with her job and everything that she has worked so hard for? Will she forget what really matters in her life? Find out if Karin will put aside her feelings for Leo and focus on her career in the hotel industry.

Lies, Secrets, and explosive passion will light up the pages of Suzzane Rocks novel “At His Service.”  Leo and Karin work so well together as they both need each other in every way possible. Be that for sex or support. I love how Karin was able to help Leo be a better man and how Leo was able to help Karin find her inner submissive and confidence. This is a great book with lots of twists and turns. Also the epilogue will blow your mind, I so did not see it coming, WOW!

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