Book Review of “Auctioning Charity” by Reese Gabriel


“Auctioning Charity” by Reese Gabriel



Charity Bradford has the perfect job and so far has been enjoying her life. Now, ..if only she could put her sexy bosses image out of her mind, and stop having these erotic dreams about her boss dominating her in bed. Charity’s boss is putting together a big Charity event to raise money for poor children, and he wants Charity to be part of the auction, but she will not have any of that. Charity will try anything to get herself out of this auction even if it means dressing up as a steak to prove she feels like a piece of meet. Charity is going to be in for the shock of her life, when her boss Roger Morvan bids 1 million dollars on her, so he can have the luscious Charity  all to himself.

Roger Morvan has always fantasized about Charity Bradford and what it would be like to dominate her and show her what being his submissive it like. Roger knows he will have the perfect opportunity to own her when she goes up for auction, but Charity is going to play hard ball, and not feed into Roger’s desire for her.

Will Charity convince herself that she is a submissive and fall into Roger’s dominating fantasies, or will she resist Roger’s charms and not give into his luscious body and good looks. Find out what happens in this electrifying read by Reese Gabriel

I enjoyed this book somewhat, but I had a real problem with the story where I felt like Roger was being selfish and just using Charity for his own gain and sexual needs, and that really bothered me. I wish the author could have written Roger a little differently then maybe I could have enjoyed the book a bit more

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