Book Review of “Bad Kitty” by Cari Quinn

cariquinnNikki Carson has always had a thing for her bosses twin brother Patrick Nolan. While at her bosses annual Halloween party, Nikki notices Patrick across the room checking her out. Nikki loves the way he looks in his Halloween costume and even how he moves. Patrick decides to make a move and seduces Nikki into meeting him under the stairs for a fling, and boy, is it ever a fling! Nikki has NEVER had sex THAT good, and so pleasing before.

Now one year later and its the annual Halloween Party yet again, and Nikki is going to get some answers as to why Patrick never brought up if there is something between Nikki and him, or if he enjoyed their little fling last Halloween. Nikki’s friend has picked out the hottest, sexist Halloween costume known to man. Nikki is going to get answers from Patrick, and she is going to do it by seducing him wearing a tight black cat suit with a dominatrix tail as a paddle.

Nikki is going to have the best Halloween this year and Patrick is going to be in for one heck of a treat. Will Patrick let Bad Kitty Nikki seduce and dominate him? Will Patrick be able to resist Nikki, or will he want nothing to do with her after last years tryst under the stairs. Find out what happens in the sizzling erotic sex escapade novel by Cara Quinn.

Seduction, Passion, and BDSM fire up the pages in Cari Quinn’s novel “Bad Kitty”. If you need a good Halloween novel that will turn on the heat, this is just for you! Check out “Bad Kitty” by Cari Quinn.


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