Book Review of “Beyond The Compound” By Claire Thompson

beyondthecompund“Beyond The Compound” By Claire Thompson



Hailey Davenport has always dreamed of having the perfect Master Dom. Someone who understands her needs, wants, and her desires. Hailey has decided to undergo intensive BDSM training at one of the best BDSM training facilities around. Hailey hopes that she will be matched with the perfect Dom, and when she is, she will sign a six month contract.

Hailey is going to meet the Master Dom of her dreams. Hailey is going to be pushed to her limits and love every minute of it as this is what she trained so very hard for.

Ronan Wolfe is known as Hollywood’s Sexist Man Alive, women can not get enough of him. Ronan also has a secret, he is into BDSM and if it ever got out that he was into domination he wold lose his fans and career.

Ronan has decided to send his assistant to one of the best BDSM clubs to find him an submissive slave to sign a contract with. Ronan will have his own submissive slave all to himself, no one will know what he will be up to. His submissive slave will do what he wants and her limits will be tested. All Ronan has to do is not fall in love with her and expose her to his acting lifestyle.

Will Hailey accept Ronan as her Master Dom? Will Hailey be able to keep her feelings and desires for Ronan at bay and just be his submissive slave for six months? Will Ronan be able to keep Hailey from being discovered from the media and from anyone knowing who she really is? Find out what happens in this absolutely sizzling erotic BDSM novel by Claire Thompson.

Once again Claire Thompson delivers a fantastic novel of passion and BDSM that will have your staying up all night wanting to read the love story of Ronan and Hailey. I loved this book so much and really enjoyed reading how Ronan was able to give Hailey the dream of the perfect Master Dom that she so wanted. I also love how Hailey was able to open up Ronan’s heart and help him live out his BDSM lifestyle with no judgement.

Purchase “Beyond The Compound” By Claire Thompson From or visit Claire Thompson’s website here.

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