Book Review Of “Claimed By Him” By Red Garnier

redgarnier “Claimed By Him” By Red Garnier



Chloe Lexington has always wanted her brothers best friend, Graves Buchanan since the age of Fifteen. Chloe always dresses sexy and flirts with Graves to try and win his attention, but he never seems to take the bait. If only Chloe knew how bad Graves Buchanan wants the blonde hottie that is Chloe Lexington.

Chloe wants to lose her virginity to the one man that she only has eyes for, but trying to convince Graves that he is the man she wants is no easy task and is going to be very challenging.

Graves Buchanan has always fantasized what it would be like to be with  Chloe Lexington and to kiss her luscious lips and run his hands all over her body. Graves knows that every time the sexy Chloe comes around he loses his mind and can’t think straight no matter what.

Graves will have to resit Chole’s charm and seduction attempts to get what she wants from Graves. Will Graves cave and give Chloe the best twenty first birthday present she has ever had, or will Chloe have the worst birthday ever and have Graves break her heart? Find out what happens between  Chloe and Graves in Red Garnier’s short novel “Claimed By Him.”

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