Book Review Of “Claimed By Pleasure” by Jaymie Holland


Alexi O’Brien has never gotten over the loss of losing her twin. Over a year ago Alexi’s twin Alice vanished without a trace. Alexi has spent countless hours looking for her sister, and to no avail.

Alexi is a sex crazed manic, she loves sex and can not get enough of it. Alexi has even fantasized about being tied up and having a man completely dominate her in the bedroom. However, that is as far as Alexi will go. Alexi had her hear broken by a man that she thought was “Mr. Right” only to be used and made to feel like a fool for trusting him. Alexi swore that no man will ever capture her heart again even though she urns for a dominant man.

While out for a drinks with her cousin Annie, Alexi has a little too much to drink and starts to feel a little tipsy. When Alexi enters her house, she immediately knows that something is not right. The smells of her house smell different for some reason. Alexi also sees light emanating from her bedroom, and wonders why their would be light in her bedroom when she always turns off the bedroom light. When Alexi enters her room she sees a huge mirror with the image of a meadow, waterfall, and a gorgeous dark haired guy staring back at her. Alexi starts to wonder if someone put something in her drink and starts thinking that she is hallucinating. Just as Alexi starts to lean forward and touch the mirror the dark hared by grabs her and pulls her through the mirror, and tells her that she is his mate and is to be Queen of his kingdom, the Kingdom of Spades.

Alexi O’Brian is going to learn what amazing sex and domination is all about. Alexi has no idea that the man who pulled her through the mirror has plans for her, and is determined to capture her heart and make her his Queen. Alexi wants no part of this and wants to return home to find her sister, but will Alexi be able to give up the fantastic sex and her fantasy of being dominated by a man? Will Alexi also be able to submit her full heart and soul to this man? Will Alexi ever find her lost twin? Find out what happens in “Claimed By Pleasure” by Jaymie Holland.

If you want a book that sizzles with hot sex and mind blowing domination, then “Claimed By Pleasure” is sure to satisfy your every need. “Claimed By Pleasure” is one hot read, and Jaymie Holland knows how to light the pages of her book on fire with every word. This book will have you taking a cold shower before you’ve finished!


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