Book Review Of “Dani’s Demons” by Cindy Spencer Pape

danisdemons “Dani’s Demons” by Cindy Spencer Pape

Dani DuBois just needs to get away for a while, so he decides to head to Las Vegas for some “alone time” since all her girlfriends are too busy leading their lives. Dani is going to have one heck of a Las Vegas trip, but will it be all “rest and relaxation,” or will it be something else entirely? Will she ever be able to leave what happened in Las Vegas behind her?

Dani decides to take up some gambling while in Las Vegas and while doing so, spots a gorgeous guy. Immediately she knows that she wants to spend the night with him. She is in need of an amazing  sexual release. Dani knows that she is not always like this, so desperate for a man, but since she in Vegas she knows that it’s just for fun. There will be no strings attached, and besides, she deserves a little fun right?

Before Dani realizes it, she is tangled in a sexual web of two gorgeous demons, Kaz Elgin and Ty Cole, who just happen to be former lovers. Dani does not know what to do with herself. Both of these men will show Dani what love is and how to discover herself. She will learn how to be fully appreciated by a man? Will Dani be able to walk away from Kaz and Ty and go back to her boring live in Chicago, or will she embrace both of them and have them in her life longer than she’d imagined?

Trust, Love, Passion, and threesomes will grace the pages of Cindy Spencer Pape’s book “Dani’s Demons”. I loved the way Kaz and Ty were so understanding to Dani and never once rushed her. They took their time to love and understand her. I also love how Dani was able to help rekindle Kaz and Ty’s relationship. A great short read full of passion and not to mention, two gorgeous demons!

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