Book Review Of “Darker Than Desire” by Shiloh Walker

“Darker Than Desire” by Shiloh Walker “Darker Than Desire” by Shiloh Walker

David has been living with a deep dark past, one that has been dominating his whole life since he was a child. David’s past constantly haunts him, both in his dreams, and in his day to day life. David has been called back to his home town where he grew up, enduring both mental and physical abuse. David will need to confront his demons and come to terms with what has happen to him to stop his past from dominating his life.

David has recently found out that his Grandpa, Max has been brutally attacked and his Grandma killed. David wonders why anyone would want to hurt these two people who are so caring and compassionate. David starts to wonder if it is because of his past. Maybe it is his new presence in town that they (and he) were punished for.

Sybil Chalmers has always had intense feelings for David ever since she could remember. Sybil also knows what happened to David as a child, and understands him deeply. She wishes that she could take his pain away. Sybil wants David to know how much she loves and cares for him. Sybil does not want to lose David, and when people around David they seem to start turning up dead. Sybil starts to wonder if he is next, we she truly lose him forever? Will David truly understand how much Sybil loves him? Will David stay and confess his love to Sybil, or will he run away from her and his past once and for all?

Passion and explosive sexual intensity light up the pages of Shiloh Walker’s novel “Darker than Desire”. Shiloh Walker intertwines a bit of mystery into her novel that will surely keep you wondering just “who” this mystery killer is…

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