Book Review Of “Exceeding Boundaries” by Mia Downing

ExceedingBoundaries Megan Connors works for a very prestigious law firm and just happens to have “the hots” for one of the best looking lawyers in the firm. Megan comes up with the idea that she is going to seduce Adam Wentworth for a weekend of wine, dine, and hot sex. That’s really all she wants from him. Megan doesn’t want commitment with any man, she just wants sex and keeps her heart safely tucked away.

Megan is absolutely terrified of commitment. When she was younger, she was raped and mentally abused by a ex-boyfriend and since then, she trusts no one. Will Adam change all of that?

Megan’s seduction conquest with the sexy Adam Wentworth is going to end up being FAR more than just a weekend fling. This hunky lawyer is going to show Megan what a real man is like inside, and outside the bedroom. Will Adam be able to get Megan to let go of her fear commitment, and be able to submit to him? Will Megan let him dominate the relationship?

Adam will bring Megan to new sexual heights she has never experienced such as BDSM and total submission. Megan will also learn that Adam is not a player,  and that he is someone that she can count on and trust. Will Megan let go of her fears and learn to trust Adam with her heart? Find out what happens in the electrifying novel by Mia Downing.


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