Book Review of “His To Claim” by Opal Carew

HisToClaim  “His To Claim” by Opal Carew

Rafe Ranier has always liked to be free and do what he loves. What he loves, is to play with his band Savage Kiss. Rafe can no longer run away from his responsibilities of helping his brother run their family company and tour with his band. Rafe finally decides to put his band playing days behind him and his brother Dane run their company. Rafe has also put his heart on hold when Jessica his first love decided to pick his brother or him.

Melanie is sick and tired of working in the cooperate world and not being amble to spread her wings and do what she loves. Melanie is also sick of being attracted to her gorgeous boss Rafe Ranier and not being able to act out her feelings. Rafe only treats her like his secretary and never more then that. Melanie would love to have Rafe take her in his arms and make passionate crazy love to her. Melanie decides enough is enough and decides to take a low paying job as a coffee barrista, that way she does not have to look at Rafe anymore. Melanie  also decides to get a tattoo and work on her favorite thing of all, and that is her drawings. Melanie is turning over a new leaf until Rafe one day walks right into the coffee shop she works at and asks her to come back. All those feelings she had for Rafe come flooding back to her.

Will Rafe really be with his band do what he loves? Will he come to finally admit that he has feelings for Melanie? Will Melanie admit that she loves Rafe and want him to control and dominate her in and out of the bedroom? Will Rafe take Melanie to places that she has always wanted to go?

The fire and passion that Melanie and Rafe share is electrifying and will have you screaming at the pages for Rafe to admit what he really wants in his life! I love the combination of seduction with light domination that Opal Carew writes in this novel. Awesome job Opal, I really look forward to reading the next novel in this series.

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