Book Review of “His To Possess” by Opal Carew

“His To Possess” by Opal Carew


I was totally blown away by Opal Carew’s novel “His To Possess.” I loved the combination of romance and domination in this novel. Opal Carew knows how to keep you enthralled in her novel with her amazing writing style.

Jessica has had it up to gills with men and life. After much thought, Jessica has decided to take a couple days and head up to Philadelphia for a big job fair in hopes of getting a new job, and starting a new life. While on a lunch break, Jessica spots a gorgeous man who looks exactly like her ex-boyfriend Storm, who turned her life upside down and broke her heart. Jessica follows the man who looks like Storm into a local coffee shop only to be embarrassed to learn that this gorgeous hunk is not Storm, but sure as heck looks like him. Jessica immediately turns and leaves, and if her life could not get any worse, it starts to rain and is late for her afternoon interviews.

Dane Rainier has just been approached by a beautiful lady who thinks he is someone else and can not seem to get her off his mind. Lucky for Dane standing in the pouring rain looking sexy as hell is that exact woman who approached him earlier. Dane rolls down his window and asks the lady her name and if he can give her a ride. Before Dane knows it, this women named Jessica, will steal his heart and turn his life upside down all because she thought he was another man.

Jessica came to Philadelphia to start her life over, and what she got herself, is a new job, a new place with the best roommate a girl could have, and a hunky boss who wants no commitment just sex with a wild dominance. What could ruin this for Jessica is her ex-boyfriend bad boy rocker named Storm walking back into her life and worse, he just happens to be her bosses brother, Rafe Rainier, who now wants her back and will do anything to try and convince her of it.

Jessica now has to choose between two sexy as hell brothers. Will she pick the mind blowing, off the charts sex with Rafe, AKA bad boy Storm, or will she decide to pick dominant and oh so gorgeous Dane, who brings out her submissive side in the bedroom?

Jessica’s new life has turned out to be a whirlwind of the best sex and excitement she could ever have with two billionaire brothers who will introduce her to domination, threesomes, and voyeurism.

Get ready to be up up all night reading this sizzling erotic romance that is so hot that you will want to be Jessica. I can’t wait to read more of Opal Carew’s coming books, I have become and huge fan of her work.

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