Book Review of “Master of Desire” by Lacey Alexander

laceyalexander “Master of Desire” by Lacey Alexander



Tessia is excited to be married to the man her father has chosen for her. Ever since that night in the hallway of her parents castle, Tessia can not get Ralen out of her mind. Tessia is excited to be marrying Ralen and is looking forward to pleasing him in and out of the bedroom. Tessia has heard nothing but good things about her future husband and that he is a gentle lover, but also likes to experience new things in the bedroom.

Ralen of Caralon is looking forward to meeting his new future wife. As Ralen starts his walk down the isle to claim his bride he immediately recognizes the women who is to be his wife. Ralen knows that this is the women who fooled around with him in her parents castle hallway and he starts to wonder if she did this with him, who else did she fool around with? Ralen is going to punish his new bride for betraying him, and she is going to learn that only Ralen will be her lover now. She will be his submissive slave and will only scream “his name” and no others.

Tessia thinks she is marrying the man of her dreams. Someone who is passionate and gentle and will love her in and out of the bedroom. Tessia is going to realize that her husband Ralen has other plans for his new bride. Before Tessia can even realize, she is chained to the bed and shown what pleasure and punishment is all about. Tessia starts to wonder if this what intimacy is, and if all couples use whips, toys, and spankings in the bedroom.

Will Ralen finally show Tessia that his is the only man for her? Will she embrace her sexual life, and learn to love being Ralen’s submissive sexual slave?

Excitement and sizzling passion light up the pages of Lacey Alexandra’s book “Master of Desire”. I love the romance and eroticism in this book, and I also love how Tessia wins Ralen’s heart in the end. Great book!

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