Book Review Of “Naughty Nature” by Allie Standifer

allie  “Naughty Nature” by Allie Standifer



Aria has always wanted to give up her tightly controlled life, and be dominated in the bedroom. Aria wants to let everyday stress melt away with someone who can take control and pleasure her and bring her wildest fantasies to reality.

Aria finds a business card from this 1-800-Dom-Help in a personal place in her house. Aria wonders if this is a sign,  and if she should call the number and live out her sexual fantasies. Will Aria call the number on the business card and let a Dom spank her, tire her up and show her who her master is, or will Aria chicken out only to never fulfill her fantasy?

Mac Hudson is a ER Doctor by day and by night he is a Dom. When Mac receives a call from the company that he works for asking him to fulfill a brand new sub (who has no experience in BDSM community) he goes for it. While Mac is getting reading to meet his new sub he has a chance to see her and is taken back by her beauty, and right then and there he will do anything to make this women his. Mac must first show this beautiful women who her master is and what being spanked and tied up is all about.

Sparks and Erotic passion will light yo the pages of Allie Standifer novel “Naughty Nature” A great short novel that will sure excite your erotic side.

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