Book Review Of “Need You Tonight” by Roni Loren

NeedYouTonightFinal Tessa McAllen is starting her life all over again. Tessa thought she married her high school sweetheart Doug, but Tess thought wrong. All she was to Doug was a trophy wife, and a good church going girl. Tessa has no life and was always controlled by Doug. Tessa wanted more out of life, and wanted more out of the bedroom. Tessa finally works up the courage to leave Doug for good, and begins her new life.

Tessa now has to deal with the single life, but wants nothing serious. Being married to Doug was enough for Tessa. Tessa’s friend decides to setup a “date night” for Tessa and herself. Tessa wants no part of this, but is eventually convinced. While waiting at the door to her not so fun evening, a gorgeous man starts hitting on Tessa and her body immediately starts to betray her. Tessa decides what the heck, and decides on a one night stand with the beautiful man, nothing more. What could be the harm in a little one night stand?

Tessa is about to learn that this gorgeous and dominant man is Kade Fowleris and he is about to re-enter Tessa’s life once again. Will Tessa want Kade back in her life again, or will she accept Kade and let him show her a new whole world of submission, confidence and what a real man can show her inside and outside the bedroom? Find out what happens with Tessa’s new exciting single life as you turn the pages of Need You Tonight.

Roni Loren writes and amazing novel full of passion and desire. Tessa and Kate find each other at the perfect time in their lives, when they need on another more than anything.  Both Kade and Tessa are hurting and looking to fill that void in their lives. Dom and Sub will reach each other and learn what it’s like to explore the world of BDSM. What an awesome novel, I highly recommend this extremely sizzling read!


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