Book Review Of “Private Secretary” By Sindra van Yssel

sindravanyssel“Private Secretary” By Sindra van Yssel


Carrie has been tormented by her past and what has happened to her once perfect life. Carrie has turned to the one thing that she can lose herself in, and that is, something that will let her past go with “pain” and “pleasure.” Carrie visits the Iron Butterfly BDSM club where she loses herself in being spanked, flogged, and derives the utmost pleasure from it all. Carrie also hides her identity and becomes a totally different person when she’s at the Iron Butterfly. Carrie goes by the name C and wears a mask so no one knows who she is, but know that she is one sexy women who can take a lot of pain.

Carrie also has a major crush on her boss Blake, who she can not stop fantasizing about. She fantasizes about how she would love play “private secretary” with him and let him have his way with her. Carrie knows that Blake just looks at her as his secretary. He knows that she is hard working and that she is someone who is relied upon to run his company with perfection.

While at the Iron Butterfly one evening, Carrie looks over from the bar and notices her boss Blake. Carrie starts to worry that he will recognize her, but soon realizes that she has the mask and knows that she can now live out her fantasy without Blake knowing. Will Carrie be able to keep up the two personalities and not get caught while living out her wildest fantasy of having Blake do what he likes with her mind and body?

Blake Andrews has always had the hots for his secretary Carrie, and has always wanted to spank her sexy ass over his desk, but he knows Carrie is too prissy for that and would think he is nuts.

Blake is invited to a local BDSM club the Iron Butterfly one evening, and decides to check it out and maybe get his mind of Carrie since no other sub has been able to cure his desire. While at the club he spots a beautiful blonde with a mask on and wonders who she is and what the story is with her. Blake has no idea that it’s Carrie behind the mask, and how much fun he will have with her. Will Blake figure out it is Carrie? Will he feel deceived by her, or will he see this as a opportunity to finally be with Carrie and have her as his sub? Will he be able to dominate his little secretary for once and for all?

Fantasy becomes reality when two people act out their wildest fantasies with each other, but there will be consequences from lies and deceit as well. Secrets and pasts will be brought to the forefront in Private Secretary” By Sindra van Yssel. This is very erotic novel with intense passion, dominance and BDSM. I love the tease and denial in this novel, I just wish that the ending would have ended a little differently than it did, but it was a great read.

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