Book Review of “Riding Steele” By Opal Carew

opalcarew“Riding Steele” By Opal Carew

Laurie thought she has the perfect boyfriend Donovan who loved and spoiled her, that is until she learned that he has a dark side that includes BDSM. It was BDSM that hurt her, it did not follow the rules.

Donovan decides to take Laurie away for a weekend to one of his cottages and show her what the BDSM world is like according to him. Donovan has no idea about BDSM and is more into control and scaring his partner. Laurie gets the scare of her life when they are making love and he starts to choke her until she almost blacks out. Right then there she decides that this not going to happen anymore and sets the course of leaving Donovan once and for all.

Donovan thinks that he can shower Laurie with diamonds on their anniversary and think that he can own her like a possession, but Laurie has another idea, and that is to leave him that night. It’s not going to do as planned though, she’s attacked in the parkade and had it not been for the biker walking by, Laurie might have came out in much worse shape than she does.

Steele and his biker buddies have been assigned to look out for one of their buddies sisters, but they do not want any part in kidnapping her and keeping her safe from her crazy rich boyfriend. Steele decides that he is going to forgo the kidnapping part and head home, and let Wildcard, his buddy, make sure that she is ok and then meet him back at the safe house. Wildcard is about to jump of his bike when he spots his buddies sister with her boyfriend and notices that she is in danger. Immediately he grabs her and takes her on his bike away from the boyfriend and back to the safe house. Will Laurie now be in more danger from the bikers or from her boyfriend? Will Steele be able to protect her from the repercussions of what her boyfriend has planned for her when he gets her back?

Laurie is in real trouble now. She wants to part ways with Donovan but she knows he is going to make her pay for it. Laurie also feels safe in Steele’s arms, a biker of all things, and she feels free with no one to restrain her and hurt her. Will that last though, or will Donovan get his hands back on Laurie? Just what are his plans, and how will they play out?

Opal Carew combines romance, excitement, and eroticism into a great book that will keep you on the edge of your bed and wanting to keep reading into the wee hours of the morning. This read was fantastic!

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