Book Review Of “Stately Pleasures” By Lucy Felthouse

statelypleasures“Stately Pleasures” By Lucy Felthouse

Alice Brown has hit the jackpot of all dream jobs. Alice has found the perfect job, even if it’s only for nine months until the lady she is filling in for returns. Alice can use this job as a stepping stone to move onto another job as this job makes an excellent reference. First though, Alice has to get past fact that her boss Jeremy Davenport is drop dead gorgeous, rich and driving Alice mad with desire.

Alice must try and put her desires for her boss behind her and focus on her dream job, because what would a man like Jeremy Davenport see in a plain Jane Alice Brown anyways?

Alice has no idea that Jeremy and his best friend, also security guard, Ethan have just found the women of their dreams. Alice is beautiful smart and oh so sexy. Jeremy and Ethan have compiled a list of “sexual conquests” and they know Alice would just perfect for the list. First though Ethan and Jeremy must try and convince Alice to agree to accept their little sexual agreement.

Two gorgeous men and one sexy smart women will embark on a sexual conquest of BDSM, wild steamy sex and sizzling threesomes that is even to hot for this novel. Alice, Jeremy and Ethan will experience more that mind blowing sex they will experience love to strong for one another that neither one of them will want to be apart from one another.

Lucy Felthouse writes a steamy novel of eroticism and romance of how true love can be found in any type of relationship know matter the arrangement. Even shy girls can end up with two smart and sexy men who will give her the world.


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