Book Review Of “Submission in Paradise” by Claire Thompson

Book Review
Shea Devon is driven by success and is a very successful women who has no time for romance in her life. Shea’s boss sees this as an opportunity to surprise Shea with a one week paid all exclusive  trip to Paradise Island. Jacki books Shea the “ultimate package” that includes wine, fine dinning, and a boy toy! Shea will have  her feet rubbed, partake in romantic walks along the beach, and romantic candle lit dinners. Shea likes how that sounds and figured maybe a vacation will do this workaholic some good.

Shea has no idea that there is a mix-up with her request (of what she wanted) with another ladies request on Paradise Island. Shea is in for the thrill of her life, and is about to be introduced to a world of domination and excitement that will bring Shea to pure ecstasy.

Liam Jordan worked for Paradise Island as one of the best Dom’s, where he would offer Domination services for ladies who wanted to have a sexy hunk dominate them. Liam  has opened his own BDSM dungeon and no longer works for Paradise Island until his old boss calls him to ask for a little favor. Liam’s old boss sends him a picture of Shea  Devon explaining to him that this lady would like to have the ultimate BDSM experience and that Liam  is the only Dom who could supply this service. He wants him to service this customer for one full week. Liam  immediately hesitates but with one look at Shea, he agrees to dominate and teach her in the arts of BDSM. Liam has no idea that Shea Devon is at the island to be pampered romantically, and NOT there for BDSM training at all!

Will Shea Devon accept Liam as her personal Dom? Will Shea lose her inhibitions and hang-ups towards BDSM? Will she surrender herself to spankings, whippings, and evening public nudity, and all for a man she barely knows?

I really enjoyed this novel and just loved the tenderness that Liam showed Shea when he was being shown the world of BDSM. I also loved how Shea became such a confident women who learned to love herself and further express herself through BDSM. This steamy novel has it all, romance, passion and loads of steamy hot erotica that is sure to get your juices flowing!


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