Book Review of “Taming Her Wolf” by Eve Langlais

tamingherwolfHelen is one powerful vampiress, she is sexy, confident and runs a tight house hold full of blood slaves, and staff. Beneath Helen’s dominant and controlled facade lies a wounded soul, that was abused physically and mentally by man who promised her the world, who she thought was her prince charming. Kristoff belittled Helen for over a hundred years until Helen escaped and became the women she is today, no man will interfere with Helen’s independence and confidence again.

Helen decides that she needs to go shopping for a new blood slave and is shown a Lycan who is pissed off at the world, and everything around it. Helen is immediately turned on, and lusts for the challenge of being able to control and dominate her blood slave. Helen also knows how powerful a Lycan is, and how yummy his blood tastes and decides to purchase him right away.

Helen is determined to control her new Lycan and show him who’s the boss.  Helen must learn to teach her new pet manners and to be submissive and obey her, but that maybe more than a challenge to Helen.  Will Helen be able to teach her Lycan pet, Gareth some manners and show who him who her master is, or will she be the one who is taught a lesson in submission?

An awesome read! I loved the romance and intensely immersive erotica throughout this book. The sex scenes were amazing, and absolutely melt the pages of the book. The love that Garath shows towards Helen is amazing. Garath shows Helen what its like to fall in love and trust someone again, someone who will not hurt her. For all the Paranormal romance readers out there, this is the book for you. I very much hope a sequel to this book is in the works.


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