Book Review Of “The Possession” By Jaid Black

jaidblack“The Possession” By Jaid Black


Kris Torrence has always wanted to live on the edge and live out a life long fantasy of hers. Kris decides to take a trip to Hotel Atlantis, an exclusive gentleman’s resort that caters to wealthy men seeking submissive sex slaves. This university professor has no idea what is in store for her, but she is going to love it and want a lot more of it!

Kris is going to leave behind her glasses, tight hair bun, and boring professor clothes for five days. She’ll be wearing nothing but her birthday suit and letting her hair down. Kris is going to be worshiped by wealthy men and have her body do things she could only, up until now, dream of.

Just as Kris is just about to step into her fantasy vacation, when she spots her long time nemesis, Jack Mcenna. Kris has had the hots for him for as long as she can remember. Kris can not believe her eyes that Jack, of all guys, is here at Hotel Atlantis, a place for men who love BDSM. Kris hopes that Jack will not bid on her in the auction. The auction is her ultimate goal of her trip, where she hopes to have a man bid on her and have her all to himself so she can live out her fantasy of being a sexual submissive.

Jack Macenna has always wanted to know what it would it would be like to be with professor Kris Torrence, who drives him nuts. Jack calls her his little red headed Witch. Jack can not believe his eyes when he spots Kris walking around nude and wonders why she is there. What on earth has he gotten himself into? Jack knows that he must now win the challenge and bid high at the auction to be with his little Witch professor. He MUST punish her for all the times she has driven him nuts with lust.

Will Jack win the auction to be with Kris and have her as his sexual submissive? Will Kris run away from Hotel Atlantis, or will she stay and live out two of her ultimate fantasy’s?

Find out what happens in this sizzling read by Jaid Black that will have wanting Kris and Jack to be together and to live out their ultimate fantasy’s together. I loved the romance of this book and the whole submissive Hotel Atlantis experience. Awesome book and I can not wait to read more of Jaid Black’s books.

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