Book Review of “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan


Every once in awhile a book comes a long and captures you from page one until the very last page. This is exactly what happened with me when I read “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan. I could not put this book down, it was sooo entertaining! I loved how the authors combined both of their writing strengths into this wonderful erotic romance. You are drawn into the past of the Ophelia Harrington (The Blackbird) Courtesan’s life, and how her back story paints the picture of how she became one of London’s most alluring Courtesans. You are then moved into the future of Boston’s museum curator Piper Chase-Pierpont where she finds the Blackbird’s secret diaries of her experiences and also the story of her life as a Courtesan.

Ophelia Harrington does not want to be arranged to a man who does not love her and is only marrying him because her uncle made an arrangement with Lord Malcolm Ashford for a huge amount of money. Ophelia wishes her parents were alive and that she could have someone to look up to, but Ophelia must take care of herself and she has decided that she will peruse her life as a Courtesan.. but, will it be all that glamorous?

Ophelia decides to contact London’s more gorgeous Courtesan called “The Swan” and ask her to teach her how to be a proper Courtesan. Ophelia will be taught by a man who will ignite Ophelia’s deepest sexual desires. Desires she never knew she had. Ophelia’s teacher will show her “The Seven Sins of the Courtesan.” Will Ophelia obey her luscious masked teacher, Sir? Will she allows Sir have his way with her?

Ophelia must shorty decide if this is what she truly wants in her life. Can she accept that she will no longer be able go back to the way things were? Will Ophelia let The Blackbird out and live to be London’s most seductive and alluring Courtesan? Will Ophelia find out just “who” Sir really is? What is behind the mask, and will she be able to move on past Sir in the future?

Ophelia Harrington will turn London upside-down as one of the best Courtesan’s around all the while lead London’s women’s movement. Will Ophelia Harrington (The Blackbird) ever be able to love a man and only have “one” man in her life, or will she always be a courtesan and never be able to open her heart up again?

Piper Chase-Pierpont has one more chance to show Boston’s museum that she can put together a great Ophelia Harrington exhibit since her last museum exhibit failed miserably. Piper has not had the best of luck with her job or love life. That is until Piper comes across the biggest find of her life by complete accident. Piper comes across Ophelia Harrington (The Blackbird) London’s biggest Courtesan’s personal diary. Piper starts to read the Blackbird’s diary and is immediately is drawn into the Blackbird’s World. Piper comes up with an idea, and that is to use the Blackbirds life as a Courtesan as the main theme in her exhibit instead of her life as a women’s leader, but will the public want to read about the Blackbirds sexual encounters and how she seduced almost every man in London? Will it work?

Piper has never gotten over the one man who turned her life upside down and made her weak in the knees. Mick Malloy was the only man who could ignite Piper’s desires. Piper has no idea until one afternoon when Mick is brought on to work at the museum. Piper is stopped dead in her tracks with all of the old emotions soon rising to the surface again. Piper decides to channel the Blackbird and decides to change her appearance and use someone of the techniques that Sir taught Ophelia to be The Blackbird, but will this turn Mick off? Will he want anything to do with Piper, or will Piper finally get a second chance at seducing Mick Malloy into her bedroom once and for all?

Piper and Ophelia are very similar in that both are looking to spread their wings in the world, and find their “inner women.” Will Piper and Ophelia finally find love and that one man who can tame them, bringing them pure bliss? Find out what happens to Piper and Ophelia and this HOT novel “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan. HOT, HOT, HOT!



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