Book Review Of “Under His Command” by Kristine Cayne

kristinecayne “Under His Command” by Kristine Cayne

Jamie never thought that after having the best night of his life that he would ever see Erica again. Erica turns up on his door step letting Jamie know that she is pregnant and yes, it happened during their wild passionate night shared together. Fast forward five year’s later. Jamie thought things were going great between Erica and him. They are to have a beautiful daughter and are now married. But all is not well. Erica has become distant with Jamie in and outside the bedroom. Erica wants to leave Jamie and that is killing him.

Jamie comes up with a excellent idea to win his wife back. Jamie thinks that a second honeymoon to Hawaii is the cure, and that will show Erica who he really is, and that he is a BDSM Dom and loves to be control in the bedroom.

Erica has never had a night with anyone like she shared that night she and Jamie were together the first night they met. The way his took control of her made her do things she never would have dreamed of doing. Spanking and blindfolding her, and controlling Erica brought her to new heights of pleasure. Erica thought it would be a one night stand and nothing more, until she finds out she is pregnant. Erica wishes that Jamie would do those things to her again, now that she is married to the most gorgeous firefighter husband any women would dream of, but now all Erica get is getting is vanilla sex.

Jamie surprises Erica with a second honeymoon and she agrees to go hoping that this honeymoon will save their marriage and bring the old wild Jamie back.

Erica will learn who her husband is in the bedroom and Jamie will bring Erica out of her confront zone and show her what true BDSM really is. Jamie will show Erica about fire play, and what being a exhibitionist can do for her. Will Erica finally be happy with Jamie and now except that he is really a Dom and loves BDSM? Will she agree to be his submissive and love him for who is really is? Will their sex life be brought to new heights or will the BSDM world be too much for Erica, and cause her to leave Jamie and her marriage behind for good?

Outstanding book! I loved the romance and BDSM combination that Kristine Cayne weaves together in “Under His Command”. I had trouble putting this book down, and not to mention I love firefighters so this added a great deal of excitement for me to the book. Great job Kristine. I really look forward to reading book two in this series. Grab your copy of this 5 Star, Six Alarm Sexy Firefighter BDSM Romance Right Now!

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