Book Review Of “You Are Mine” by Jackie Ashenden


You Are Mine” by Jackie Ashenden

Eva King has never had a family or anyone to love or take care of her. She has been abandoned by her family and has now been kidnapped off the streets by someone who is holding her captive as his sex slave. Eva has come up with a plan to escape her capture and that is to become a hacker and try and get word out to the world that she is being held prisoner.

Eva manages to get in contact with someone named Zac Rutherford, who is going to be more than “her savior.” He is going to be Eva’s rock and foundation, the other half of her heart. But, before that, Eva is going to have to realize that she in return must eventually give Zac Rutherford something in return. Is she willing to go down that road and will it be very much like what her capturer  wanted? Will she be just another sex slave in return for Zac rescuing her from her from hellish servitude?

Zac Rutherford has never got over the death of his sister and the fact that his sister went and killed herself. Zac has turned to domination as a way to cope with what has happened to him in his childhood and to close off his heart to any women who he could see himself with. That is, until Zac rescues a women who is broken and hurt one rainy night. That is Eva King, who he nicknames Angel. Zac immediately feels drawn to Eva (his little Angel) who is broken and in need of protection. Zac helps her find a place, gives her a job, and starts to build her up, but little does Zac know he is starting to become attached to her. He is fighting his feelings and desire for Angel.

Zac has finally taken enough of trying to resist Angel’s sexiness and gives her a ultimatum. That is that she either starts giving Zac what he wants, or he will not protect her anymore. Zac wants to Angel to become his submissive and live out Zac’s fantasy of being able to Dominate Eva in the bedroom and see her sexy body. Zac has no idea that when he starts to live out his fantasy and think that he is going to be able to dominate Eva, that he is the one going to be the submissive because Eva King is the one who holds Zac Rutherford’s heart, not the other way around.

Two broken hearts, who have been abandoned by their loved ones, will become one again when Zac and Eva help each other find love in one another as they learn to trust again. Passion will ignite the pages of “You Are Mine” and you will not be able to resist Zac Rutherfords charm as he seduces Eva King into the raw world of BDSM.

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