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Book Review of “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan


Every once in awhile a book comes a long and captures you from page one until the very last page. This is exactly what happened with me when I read “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan. I could not put this book down, it was sooo entertaining! I loved how the authors combined both of their writing strengths into this wonderful erotic romance. You are drawn into the past of the Ophelia Harrington (The Blackbird) Courtesan’s life, and how her back story paints the picture of how she became one of London’s most alluring Courtesans. You are then moved into the future of Boston’s museum curator Piper Chase-Pierpont where she finds the Blackbird’s secret diaries of her experiences and also the story of her life as a Courtesan.

Ophelia Harrington does not want to be arranged...


Book Review of “Riding Steele” By Opal Carew

opalcarew“Riding Steele” By Opal Carew

Laurie thought she has the perfect boyfriend Donovan who loved and spoiled her, that is until she learned that he has a dark side that includes BDSM. It was BDSM that hurt her, it did not follow the rules.

Donovan decides to take Laurie away for a weekend to one of his cottages and show her what the BDSM world is like according to him. Donovan has no idea about BDSM and is more into control and scaring his partner. Laurie gets the scare of her life when they are making love and he starts to choke her until she almost blacks out. Right then there she decides that this not going to happen anymore and sets the course of leaving Donovan once and for all.

Donovan thinks that he can shower Laurie with diamonds on their anniversary and think that he can own her like...


Book Review Of “Claimed By Him” By Red Garnier

redgarnier “Claimed By Him” By Red Garnier

Chloe Lexington has always wanted her brothers best friend, Graves Buchanan since the age of Fifteen. Chloe always dresses sexy and flirts with Graves to try and win his attention, but he never seems to take the bait. If only Chloe knew how bad Graves Buchanan wants the blonde hottie that is Chloe Lexington.

Chloe wants to lose her virginity to the one man that she only has eyes for, but trying to convince Graves that he is the man she wants is no easy task and is going to be very challenging.

Graves Buchanan has always fantasized what it would be like to be with  Chloe Lexington and to kiss her luscious lips and run his hands all over her body...


Book Review of “His To Claim” by Opal Carew

HisToClaim  “His To Claim” by Opal Carew

Rafe Ranier has always liked to be free and do what he loves. What he loves, is to play with his band Savage Kiss. Rafe can no longer run away from his responsibilities of helping his brother run their family company and tour with his band. Rafe finally decides to put his band playing days behind him and his brother Dane run their company. Rafe has also put his heart on hold when Jessica his first love decided to pick his brother or him.

Melanie is sick and tired of working in the cooperate world and not being amble to spread her wings and do what she loves. Melanie is also sick of being attracted to her gorgeous boss Rafe Ranier and not being able to act out her feelings. Rafe only treats her like his secretary and never more then that...


Book Review Of “Darker Than Desire” by Shiloh Walker

“Darker Than Desire” by Shiloh Walker “Darker Than Desire” by Shiloh Walker

David has been living with a deep dark past, one that has been dominating his whole life since he was a child. David’s past constantly haunts him, both in his dreams, and in his day to day life. David has been called back to his home town where he grew up, enduring both mental and physical abuse. David will need to confront his demons and come to terms with what has happen to him to stop his past from dominating his life.

David has recently found out that his Grandpa, Max has been brutally attacked and his Grandma killed. David wonders why anyone would want to hurt these two people who are so caring and compassionate. David starts to wonder if it is because of his past. Maybe it is his new presence in town that they (and he) were punished for.