New Book Release: “Serving: Curvy Submissive & Older Dom” Q. Zayne

Cleo struggles with her feelings for her Master as Marcus explores and trains her. The island’s secrets lure her into danger.

Note: Many erotic books in contain immediate and frequent sex scenes with no heart connection. This isn’t that kind of book. If you enjoy BDSM focused on a woman’s pleasure and male dominance within a relationship and a character-driven story, welcome to Submission Island!

Digging deep in a suitcase pocket, I withdrew a camouflage scarf like a magic trick. You never knew when you might want to do a military scene, or need a blindfold or gag. Bandannas had so many uses. I tied it around my neck with a quick-release knot, envisioning whipping it across the attacker’s eyes to confuse him, knocking him down, and tying his hands behind his back. Implausible, but I was excited. I’d never envisioned myself as an action heroine before. They were always so thin.

– Title: “Serving: Curvy Submissive & Older Dom”
– Author: Q. Zayne
– Release Date: June 17, 2017

Buy “Serving: Curvy Submissive & Older Dom” Here

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