New Book Release: “Taking it Personal” by Jaymie Holland

Sarah Fairland, CEO of a major corporation, has the reputation of being a ball-busting bitch of the business world. She knows her own goals and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. Right now she wants Drew Bennett, her personal trainer, and she intends to have him. From the moment he met her, Drew was attracted to the confident, determined and intelligent Sarah Fairland. Despite the sexual vibes between the two of them, he’s kept their training sessions professional—until now.

Now he’s ready to teach her the power of turning over control. During a training session, Drew breaks a taboo, taking Sarah to sexual heights in a private room at the health club where they could be interrupted at any moment. He leaves her hanging for more…and leaves her confused at her response to his dominance.

He sends her a gift with a daring note that convinces her to come to his home—where he introduces her to his special “workout room” and teaches her the freedom and the strength that comes from turning over sexual control to him with BDSM, while maintaining her powerful presence in the business world.
Drew’s not finished, though. Not even close.

Now he intends to take control of Sarah’s heart.

– Title: “Taking it Personal”
– Author: Jaymie Holland
– Release Date: May 15, 2017

Buy “Taking it Personal” Here

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