Book Review Of “Claimed By Pleasure” by Jaymie Holland


Alexi O’Brien has never gotten over the loss of losing her twin. Over a year ago Alexi’s twin Alice vanished without a trace. Alexi has spent countless hours looking for her sister, and to no avail.

Alexi is a sex crazed manic, she loves sex and can not get enough of it. Alexi has even fantasized about being tied up and having a man completely dominate her in the bedroom. However, that is as far as Alexi will go. Alexi had her hear broken by a man that she thought was “Mr. Right” only to be used and made to feel like a fool for trusting him. Alexi swore that no man will ever capture her heart again even though she urns for a dominant man.

While out for a drinks with her cousin Annie, Alexi has a little too much to drink and starts to feel a little tipsy...