New Book Release: “The Draglen Brothers Domlen” Solease M Barner

Domlen Draglen does not follow any rules except his own. He does not want to be like his brothers, but his need to find the lady his mother predicts to be his mate has become his focus. He wants to find her and prove his mother wrong so he can go back to his normal life. The only problem is the mouthy, curvy she-wolf interests him, but she’s not his type or is she?

Tempest Shellin wants to prove that she can be essential to her pack. When the drop dead sexy dragon shows up for her, she didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. To save her pack she agrees to his rules, but soon finds out Domlen doesn’t play fair.

Will this Domineering dragon and mouthy she-wolf find love or will they allow traditions to keep the apart.

       – Title: “The Draglen Brothers Domlen”
– Author:...


Book Review of “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan


Every once in awhile a book comes a long and captures you from page one until the very last page. This is exactly what happened with me when I read “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan. I could not put this book down, it was sooo entertaining! I loved how the authors combined both of their writing strengths into this wonderful erotic romance. You are drawn into the past of the Ophelia Harrington (The Blackbird) Courtesan’s life, and how her back story paints the picture of how she became one of London’s most alluring Courtesans. You are then moved into the future of Boston’s museum curator Piper Chase-Pierpont where she finds the Blackbird’s secret diaries of her experiences and also the story of her life as a Courtesan.

Ophelia Harrington does not want to be arranged...


(Coming Soon) Book Review of “Unbound” by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan

Regency London’s most celebrated courtesan, The Blackbird, was a woman before her time—uninhibited, financially independent, and free to live by her own rules. Schooled in the sensual arts by the one man she loved the most, she recorded every wicked detail in her diaries…

When Boston museum curator Piper Chase-Pierpont unearths The Blackbird’s steamy memoirs, she’s aroused and challenged by what she finds. Could the courtesan’s diaries be used as a modern girl’s guide to finding love and empowerment? One curious curator—and one very lucky man—are about to find out…



New Book Release: “Taking it Personal” by Jaymie Holland

Sarah Fairland, CEO of a major corporation, has the reputation of being a ball-busting bitch of the business world. She knows her own goals and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. Right now she wants Drew Bennett, her personal trainer, and she intends to have him. From the moment he met her, Drew was attracted to the confident, determined and intelligent Sarah Fairland. Despite the sexual vibes between the two of them, he’s kept their training sessions professional—until now.

Now he’s ready to teach her the power of turning over control. During a training session, Drew breaks a taboo, taking Sarah to sexual heights in a private room at the health club where they could be interrupted at any moment...


New Book Release: “Secret Pleasure: Part 2” Lora Leigh

Welcome to The Club. A secretive, select group where uninhibited desires and forbidden fantasies run wild, in the second part of #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora

Leigh’s novel Secret Pleasure.

Alyssa has closed off her heart. A senator’s daughter in the political spotlight, she’d rather be quiet and safe than feel the emotional intensity Sebastian and Shane roused

within her years ago. But when the sexy cousins blaze their way back into her life, Alyssa cannot help but succumb to the heady pleasures the two men can give her…

– Title: “Secret Pleasure: Part 2”
– Author: Lora Leigh
– Release Date: May 9, 2017

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New Book Release: “Norseman’s Salvation” by Gianna Simone

Can She Survive His Cruelty – And Save His Tortured Soul?

Jolinn Gallarsdottir has trained hard to become a fierce shield-maiden. Hoping to impress Brosa Sorensson with her skills, she seduces him when he is vulnerable, in an attempt to win his heart as well.

Wracked with guilt over his failure to save his men, Brosa has spent many months attempting to restore his honor and once more gain the blessings of the gods. The goal is pushed farther out of his reach when he beds Jolinn, tarnishing his reputation further. He vows never to let it happen again, though he cannot escape his thoughts of a dark-haired temptress with a sexual appetite to match his own.

When Jolinn’s request to go raiding with the men is rejected, she stows away, disobeying her father’s orders...