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New Release: “Desperate Domination” by Lili Valente


Jackson Hawke might be a monster, but he’s Hannah’s monster. They belong together and she’s determined to show Jackson she can love every part of him-light and dark, cruel and gentle, lost soul and Dominant man.

Jackson knows he doesn’t deserve her. He is broken and twisted and wrong inside, but when Hannah touches him it feels right, he feels right in a way he hasn’t in so long.

Can a monster learn to become a man again? Or will dark forces from the past claim Hannah’s life before she can claim his heart?

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Book Review Of “Naughty Nature” by Allie Standifer

allie  “Naughty Nature” by Allie Standifer

Aria has always wanted to give up her tightly controlled life, and be dominated in the bedroom. Aria wants to let everyday stress melt away with someone who can take control and pleasure her and bring her wildest fantasies to reality.

Aria finds a business card from this 1-800-Dom-Help in a personal place in her house. Aria wonders if this is a sign,  and if she should call the number and live out her sexual fantasies. Will Aria call the number on the business card and let a Dom spank her, tire her up and show her who her master is, or will Aria chicken out only to never fulfill her fantasy?

Mac Hudson is a ER Doctor by day and by night he is a Dom...


New Release: “Filthy Rich” by Dawn Ryder



Celeste Connor swore that she’d never be a victim again. After the hell of her abusive ex, the last thing she needs is to be under another man’s thumb. But when she catches the eye of fiercely dominant Nartan Lupan at her best friend’s wedding, Celeste finds herself drawn into a glittering world of wealth and power that has her body aching and her mind reeling.


Nartan is a filthy rich businessman who works hard, plays harder, and doesn’t take no for an answer-and he wants Celeste with a hunger he’s never before felt. He’ll do whatever it takes to have her. But Nartan didn’t expect that he’d want still more…

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New Release: “Surreal (The Divine Trilogy #3)” by R.E. Hargrave


Catherine O’Chancey is a young submissive who has found her happily ever after, with a man far better than she’d ever dreamed.

Or has she? Is life that easy?

Jayden Masterson first opened his playroom to Catherine—a provocative Irish beauty with a penchant for pain—and then his heart to her everyday persona, Erin. For him, life has never been more perfect . . . Or more confusing.

He’s comfortable as a Dominant, but still finding his way as a lover and equal partner. Jayden is also learning that he can’t protect his jewel from everything—nor should he. Some battles she must fight on her own.

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New Release: “Dungeon Research” by Cara Adams


The moment Taj Barlow, construction worker, and Gavan Byford, werewolf shape-shifter and Dom, see the mystery woman at The Dom’s Dungeon, they’re determined to make her theirs. All they need to do is find out who she is.

Nerida Veldman doesn’t plan on making getting to know her easy. Her job as a researcher means she needs to keep a really low profile, and her sister has been wrongly accused of theft and is in hiding from a threatening attorney. Her life is way too complicated right now to pay attention to two men. Besides, two men? Two? Why would two men be interested in such an ordinary person as herself? Although the idea of spending time in a dungeon with a Dom is rather enticing...


New Release: “Anonymous Needs” by Serena Shay


After years of erotic obedience, submitting again and again to her Sir, Leila’s ultimate fantasy has become an obsession. She wants Sir to share her—with a stranger. For Leila, it’s the ultimate aphrodisiac. Sex laced with a little danger and twice the testosterone.

Despite a desire to bring all of his sub’s sexual dreams to life, Paul’s unwilling to share her with an unknown Dom. He needs a solution that will fulfill Leila’s fantasy without setting off his possessive streak.

A blindfold, an old college friend…and Leila and Paul can both enjoy a BDSM ménage scene that’s as safe as it is satisfying.