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New Release: “Brenna (Wednesday Wives Club Book 4)” by Cynthia A Clement


Brenna’s husband, Peter, is seeing a dominatrix. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart until she finds a business card in his pocket. Mistress Elise is not a client. The only explanation is that her husband has been visiting the dominatrix for his own needs.

Her friends suggest she become a dominatrix.

Brenna is willing to do anything for her husband. She attends a dominatrix training course and learns the fundamentals of domination and submission. How will her husband react to her new role?

Dare she embrace her dominate side?

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Book Review of “At His Countess Pleasure” by Olivia Waite

at-his-countess-pleasureAnne Pym’s family name was shattered the day her cousin married Simon Rushmore’s brother.  Anne will do anything to save her families name, and decides to approach Simon Rushmore with the idea that he marry her and make her his Countess. This should save her family’s shattered reputation. Anne knows that Simon is well liked, has money and has a good name. Anne also knows that she can give him a heir to continue the Rushmore name.

Anne is a strong willed women, she is independent and has a very strong sexual appetite.  She likes to be in control. The only problem is that she is finding it hard to submit to her husband. Her husband  sees that and immediately starts to let Anne take control in the bedroom. Before he knows it, his sexy Countess becomes quite the mistress...


Book Review of “Taming Her Wolf” by Eve Langlais

tamingherwolfHelen is one powerful vampiress, she is sexy, confident and runs a tight house hold full of blood slaves, and staff. Beneath Helen’s dominant and controlled facade lies a wounded soul, that was abused physically and mentally by man who promised her the world, who she thought was her prince charming. Kristoff belittled Helen for over a hundred years until Helen escaped and became the women she is today, no man will interfere with Helen’s independence and confidence again.

Helen decides that she needs to go shopping for a new blood slave and is shown a Lycan who is pissed off at the world, and everything around it. Helen is immediately turned on, and lusts for the challenge of being able to control and dominate her blood slave...