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New Release: “The Colors of Autumn” by Silke Ming


A past indiscretion comes back to haunt Autumn Chance, when someone from her past threatens to blackmail her with incriminating photos taken at an office Christmas party five years earlier. Autumn is unsure about her sexuality, and when she meets Bobby Jo McVane, the two connect sexually, but there is no emotional attachment to Bobby Jo, and on a flight from Charleston back to New York, she meets the handsome Richard Wilcox, a private eye. She hires him to find out who is blackmailing her, and always being in close proximity, they fall for each other. Hot, sizzling sex brings her face to face with the reality that she is not as attracted to women as she had thought...


New Release: “Fire and Ice” by Zara Chase


English Insurance Investigator Chelsea Hoxton, is determined to track down priceless black diamonds stolen during a daring heist in Amsterdam and beat the competition to the finders’ fee. Leads take her to Nevella, the hip ski resort straddling the French and Spanish borders where Jack Gower, hot American helicopter pilot, becomes a person of interest.

Jack thinks his life’s looking up when Chelsea takes a ride with him that ends up in his bed. He’s finally met a woman who’s sassy, beautiful, enjoys being dominated, and gets his personal rotor turning. Then he catches her searching his rooms—an invasion of privacy impossible to forgive.

Convinced Jack is not one of the bad guys, Chelsea thinks she’s blown the one good thing to have happened to her in years...


New Release: “Part-Time Lover” by Tara Rose


Kai Thilenique has a safe, comfortable part-time play and lover arrangement with Dom Jagger Durante. Until he asks her to let Ian Raleigh top her in play as well one night. Both men want more from her than a part-time lover, but Kai is afraid to let her true feelings show.

Jagger and Ian were both burned once by the same woman, but Kai is not that woman. They’d rather share her than lose her. But there’s a complication. Their families hate each other.

As the evidence for a recent string of fires and murder against Kai’s family mounts, she pulls away from the men even more. How could they want her when her own family is responsible for this tragedy that affected everyone on the island?

Can Jagger and Ian convince her that their love for her has nothing to do with her family members? ...


New Release: “Diamond Mine” by Daisy Philips


Lori Graham is in Chicago to evaluate a company her boss wants to buy. She’s also considering moving home to the Windy City for good. Dillon Harris is one of the owners of the company being sold. He’s also a Dom, but not just any Dom. Lori doesn’t realize at first, but he’s Master D, the Dom she’s been playing with at the Black Diamond Club.

While she doesn’t recognize him right away, Dillon knows that Lori is his Lorelei, the sub that has threatened to steal his heart. He also knows that she tries to avoid emotional entanglements while he wouldn’t mind getting entangled with her.

They decide to take sex and submission off the table until after Lori’s evaluation is complete, but is that even possible? And when the Black Diamond Club goes up for sale, a misunderstanding threa...