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Book Review Of “Private Secretary” By Sindra van Yssel

sindravanyssel“Private Secretary” By Sindra van Yssel

Carrie has been tormented by her past and what has happened to her once perfect life. Carrie has turned to the one thing that she can lose herself in, and that is, something that will let her past go with “pain” and “pleasure.” Carrie visits the Iron Butterfly BDSM club where she loses herself in being spanked, flogged, and derives the utmost pleasure from it all. Carrie also hides her identity and becomes a totally different person when she’s at the Iron Butterfly. Carrie goes by the name C and wears a mask so no one knows who she is, but know that she is one sexy women who can take a lot of pain.

Carrie also has a major crush on her boss Blake, who she can not stop fantasizing about...


Book Review Of “You Are Mine” by Jackie Ashenden


You Are Mine” by Jackie Ashenden

Eva King has never had a family or anyone to love or take care of her. She has been abandoned by her family and has now been kidnapped off the streets by someone who is holding her captive as his sex slave. Eva has come up with a plan to escape her capture and that is to become a hacker and try and get word out to the world that she is being held prisoner.

Eva manages to get in contact with someone named Zac Rutherford, who is going to be more than “her savior.” He is going to be Eva’s rock and foundation, the other half of her heart. But, before that, Eva is going to have to realize that she in return must eventually give Zac Rutherford something in return...


Book Review of “Beyond The Compound” By Claire Thompson

beyondthecompund“Beyond The Compound” By Claire Thompson

Hailey Davenport has always dreamed of having the perfect Master Dom. Someone who understands her needs, wants, and her desires. Hailey has decided to undergo intensive BDSM training at one of the best BDSM training facilities around. Hailey hopes that she will be matched with the perfect Dom, and when she is, she will sign a six month contract.

Hailey is going to meet the Master Dom of her dreams. Hailey is going to be pushed to her limits and love every minute of it as this is what she trained so very hard for.

Ronan Wolfe is known as Hollywood’s Sexist Man Alive, women can not get enough of him. Ronan also has a secret, he is into BDSM and if it ever got out that he was into domination he wold lose his fans and career.

Ronan has decided to s...


Book Review Of “Naughty Nature” by Allie Standifer

allie  “Naughty Nature” by Allie Standifer

Aria has always wanted to give up her tightly controlled life, and be dominated in the bedroom. Aria wants to let everyday stress melt away with someone who can take control and pleasure her and bring her wildest fantasies to reality.

Aria finds a business card from this 1-800-Dom-Help in a personal place in her house. Aria wonders if this is a sign,  and if she should call the number and live out her sexual fantasies. Will Aria call the number on the business card and let a Dom spank her, tire her up and show her who her master is, or will Aria chicken out only to never fulfill her fantasy?

Mac Hudson is a ER Doctor by day and by night he is a Dom...


Book Review of “Master of Desire” by Lacey Alexander

laceyalexander “Master of Desire” by Lacey Alexander

Tessia is excited to be married to the man her father has chosen for her. Ever since that night in the hallway of her parents castle, Tessia can not get Ralen out of her mind. Tessia is excited to be marrying Ralen and is looking forward to pleasing him in and out of the bedroom. Tessia has heard nothing but good things about her future husband and that he is a gentle lover, but also likes to experience new things in the bedroom.

Ralen of Caralon is looking forward to meeting his new future wife. As Ralen starts his walk down the isle to claim his bride he immediately recognizes the women who is to be his wife...


Book Review of “His To Claim” by Opal Carew

HisToClaim  “His To Claim” by Opal Carew

Rafe Ranier has always liked to be free and do what he loves. What he loves, is to play with his band Savage Kiss. Rafe can no longer run away from his responsibilities of helping his brother run their family company and tour with his band. Rafe finally decides to put his band playing days behind him and his brother Dane run their company. Rafe has also put his heart on hold when Jessica his first love decided to pick his brother or him.

Melanie is sick and tired of working in the cooperate world and not being amble to spread her wings and do what she loves. Melanie is also sick of being attracted to her gorgeous boss Rafe Ranier and not being able to act out her feelings. Rafe only treats her like his secretary and never more then that...


Book Review Of “Under His Command” by Kristine Cayne

kristinecayne “Under His Command” by Kristine Cayne

Jamie never thought that after having the best night of his life that he would ever see Erica again. Erica turns up on his door step letting Jamie know that she is pregnant and yes, it happened during their wild passionate night shared together. Fast forward five year’s later. Jamie thought things were going great between Erica and him. They are to have a beautiful daughter and are now married. But all is not well. Erica has become distant with Jamie in and outside the bedroom. Erica wants to leave Jamie and that is killing him.

Jamie comes up with a excellent idea to win his wife back...