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Book Review of “A Witch’s Skill” by Ashley Shayne


“A Witch’s Skill” by Ashley Shayne


Cassandra does magic for your typical middle class customers, mostly women who want to find out about their love lives and careers. Cassandra has always told the truth to her clientele and has always stayed true to her roots.

One day, out of no where, two men walk into her store and immediately Cassandra senses evil from both of them. These men ask Cassandra if she would be willing to perform a spell on a friend of theirs that would get the truth out, because he is hiding very important information they need. Cassandra agrees to do the spell since she needs the money, but doing this spell could ultimately be much more then Cassandra agreed to.

Cassandra has no idea that she has agreed to do a spell on a vampire who means no harm to anyone...


Book Review Of “Exploring Ari” by Cindy Spencer Pape

BDSM Book Review

Ariana Stephanopoulos has has the worst luck with men. Ariana was sired by one of the biggest assholes. He mentally abused her and made her call him master all the time. Ariana never knew what love was, or even had a chance to fulfill some of her wildest fantasies such as Bondage, BDSM, Voyeurism and more. Ariana has had it with men, and has completely given up on them altogether. Well that is until her friends drag her out to a local bar for her birthday. This local bar is called “Lunatics” and just happens to be a werewolf bar.

Ariana decides she is hungry and decides to seduce a human, or so she thinks. While out behind the bar, Ariana finds herself in trouble with a werebear who turns into a control freak and tries to rape her...